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For the student:

InVEST provides practical training and experience in the business world. Participating in the program sharpens students' talents into marketable skills.


For the teacher:

InVEST provides an exciting educational experience and an opportunity to be instrumental in helping students secure employment after graduation.


For the insurance industry:

InVEST brings new talent into the industry. The insurance professional becomes a respected liaison between the academic and business worlds and an important public service is fulfilled.


Mission Statement

To provide education about the insurance industry and its diverse careers, to encourage the development of trained insurance professionals and to create educated insurance consumers.



Not all InVEST graduates pursue insurance careers but a surprising number do. In fact, historical data shows two-thirds of InVEST graduates who participated in the program enter some facet of the insurance industry. More importantly, all students who participate leave school with business skills that will benefit them for life.


Audience & Reach

Currently, there are more than 230 schools in 25 states operating nationwide which translates to approximately 6,000 students graduating from InVEST annually. InVEST can be implemented in the following educational settings:

  • High Schools
  • Career and Technology Centers
  • Community Colleges
  • Adult Education


Agent and Company Support

The local agent committee provides classroom assistance, job placement activities, internships, industry guest speakers, field trips, industry involvement and feedback.



  • InVEST encourages entrepreneurship, promotes private enterprise and introduces young people to the myriad opportunities available in the insurance industry.
  • InVEST develops a trained work force and brings new talent into the insurance industry.
  • InVEST provides a proven ability to reach a diverse population, such as urban and minority students.
  • InVEST allows organizations to be involved on a local level with agents and IIAA state associations.
  • InVEST provides sources of positive public relations. The insurance industry becomes a respected liaison between the academic and business worlds through direct involvement of professionals in the classroom and community.
  • InVEST provides an opportunity for genuine public service.
  • InVEST educates future and current consumers






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