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Agency Owners!

This is a great opportunity for your new or young agents to gain needed networking, service and sales skills to increase revenue and help build lasting relationships with carriers. Have your young agents join today! It is an investment in your agency's future AND the future of our industry!


How Young are YOU? The program is open to ALL agency personnel who have been in the business less than 5 years or are under age 40.



There is no additional cost! Just have your Agents attend one of the events below and complete a quick online form and they will be included in future blasts for all young agent events!


Future Young Agent Events Include…

February 18th   Masquerade Bowl   Corbin Bowl
March 25th   Casino Night   Skirball Cultural Center
June 10-12   Young Agent Conf   Rancho Mirage
August 17th   SuperMixer   Skirball Cultural Center
October TBD   Young Agent Event    

Just complete the short form and you will be notified of these and other upcoming IBA San Fernando Valley Event.

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