Mission Statement

The Mission Statement embodies the reason for the association’s existence. It defines the association’s purpose and the nature of the activity it will pursue to further the interests of its constituency. The Mission provides direction to policy makers in evaluating possible objectives and activities.

IBA San Fernando Valley Mission Statement

Guided by our dedication to the public interest, our mission on behalf of insurance brokers and agents in the SFV is:

  • To be their unrelenting legislative, judicial, regulatory and industry advocate
  • To provide access to products, services and education which enhance their ability to sell and serve their customers
  • To vigorously promote to the public the value of their professional services
  • To further integrity and excellence in business practices
  • To assist members to prosper in the face of dynamic change and challenges with in the integrated financial services industry
  • To provide financial and volunteer support that will allow the InVest program to provide education about the insurance industry and its diverse careers, to encourage the development of trained insurance professional and to create educated insurance consumers
  • To help perpetuate the growth of the young agents who are the future of this industry
  • To provide financial and volunteer support to Local Community Organizations